VAST 800CA Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1 Can I receive non VAST channels with VAST receivers?
    It is a condition of the VAST platform that VAST receivers can’t receive channels that are not broadcast by the VAST broadcasters. The TP edit function is of limited function and will only allow channels to be scanned in that have VAST channel ID’s.
  • 2 Can I use my VAST receiver to operate motorised satellite systems?
    There are 3 types of motorised satellite systems. 1) Motorised systems on your caravan or motor home the SatKing VAST receiver is fully compatible with and perfect for this use. 2) VAST receivers are not compatible with KU Motorised systems (also known as H-H motors) as a condition of the VAST platform VAST receivers can only be used to receive VAST broadcasts. 3) VAST receivers are not compatible with motorised systems using positioners, like C-Band big dish systems as again the unit can only receive VAST broadcasts.
  • 3 Can I use my VAST satellite TV card in other VAST set top boxes?
    VAST Smart cards are paired to each individual VAST receiver and can’t be used in other VAST receivers or non approved 3rd party VAST receivers.
  • 4 Can I watch recordings made by my VAST set top box on other devices or my PC?
    It is a condition of the VAST platform that you can only playback recording made on your VAST decoder on the actual VAST decoder the recording was made on.
  • 5 E50-32 No service available is showing on my TV screen.

    This is very common and can mean a number of things.
    Check that your cable from the dish to the SatKing DVBS2 800CA Vast receiver is connected correctly. Check that your signal levels and LNB settings are correct by go into signal finding menu. Follow the prompts as you head through the menu.

    1. Press the menu button and highlight signal finding, press ok.
    2. Select what state you are in with the numbers on the remote.
    3. Then select where you are located in that state by moving the cursor with the left and right and up and down arrows on the remote.
    4. You will come to a page that has LO setting or LNB settings in an orange bar. If you know what type of LNB you have, check that it’s correct. Generally the setting should be 10700, but if you are using a dish that is more than 6 years old your system maybe using 11300. If you have a motorised system generally these are either custom universal or 10700.
    5. On the bottom of that page there will be two bars, the top is your signal level, and the bottom is your quality. If these bars are green, you have signal. The Signal level should be more that 70% and the quality should be more that 50% If the bars are blue or yellow or are not showing a percentage level, you may not have enough signal. The dish may require re-positioning.
    6. Press the ok button once on the remote, this is our signal-finding tool. This page will give you information about positioning the dish. When you move your dish, the bars will move with you. Remember to move the dish slowly and gently, to allow the signal to reach the SatKing Vast receiver. Once you have good signal the bars will turn green. Another feature of the signal finding menu is the beeper, this will increase in speed as the signal level increases (note if you turn the volume down whilst using that function the beeper will no longer be heard and you will need to factory default the receiver).
    7. Press ok on the remote twice. By doing this, the SatKing Vast receiver will rescan the channels. The receiver will take you either to channel 800 the information channel. This means your SatKing Vast receiver is working correctly and your can call the call centre to be switched on. After the rescan if you are taken back to the page with your serial number and card number, there may still be an issue. Contact your dealer or contact SatKing on 03 9553 3399. In general if this is your first setup of a mobile dish that sits on the ground the issue will be your alignment, the first time this can take some time and you do need to move the dish very slowly to find the signal.

    If you still having trouble and have contacted your dealer, then contact SatKing on 039553 3399.

  • 6 I have a E-52-32 Searching for signal message on my TV screen.
    This means you previously had signal but now due to heavy cloud/rain or a cabling/dish alignment issue you now have lost signal. We recommend waiting for 15 minutes to see if the weather clears after this time investigate.
  • 7 My EPG or channel list has the incorrect time on my SatKing DVBS2 800CA Vast Receiver. How can I change it?

    This may occur when you travel from one region to the next. To check what region your SatKing DVBS2 800ca Vast receiver is set to follow these easy steps.

    1. Press the menu button in your SatKing remote
    2. Highlight Settings and press OK
    3. Highlight common settings
    4. Check what region is listed

    If it's not the region you are located in, simply adjust by highlighting the region. And, changing with area with the left or right arrows on your remote.

  • 8 My HDD doesn’t work at all with my SatKing DVBS2-800CA VAST receiver.
    The SatKing  DVBS2-800CA VAST receiver uses the FAT-32 format, format the HDD to FAT-32 and try again. Warning: Formatting you HDD will delete any files you have on the drive. Some computers may not have the format option for FAT32 as standard, go online and download a program to format to FAT32. If you are still having trouble your HDD may be using a USB 3.0 cable, try using a standard USB 2.0 cable instead.
  • 9 My USB Stick or HDD doesn't work correctly with my SatKing VAST receiver.
    Press the PVR button on the remote and select the PVR Function menu, then select HDD Speed Test. This test will take a minute or so to check the speed of your device, if your USB device is too slow use a different USB device. Note: This VAST receiver is High Definition and requires good data speed from USB devices to work correctly.
  • 10 What is the Ethernet port on the back of my SatKing DVBS2 800CA Receiver used for?
    This port is for future use of interactive services and/or IP Data. This port is a condition of the VAST platform and may be used for interactive services in the future.
  • 11 What is the maximum size HDD that can be used with the SatKing DVBS2-800CA VAST Receiver?
    At this stage 1TB is the maximum size HDD that can be used with the Satking DVBS2-800CA VAST receiver, SatKing is looking in the future to increase this limit.
  • 12 What is the password for my VAST TV receiver?
    The password is 1234.
  • 13 When using scheduled record how can I adjust the start and finish time on my VAST set top box?
    When in the scheduled record screen use the right and left cursor buttons move the underscore symbol under the time or date you want to adjust and press any number key on the remote control to adjust.
  • 14 Why is there a music symbol on my TV screen and i can’t watch any TV channels?
    You have pressed the TV/Radio button and have entered the radio station section of the VAST receiver. Press the TV/Radio button again on the remote to enter the TV section again.
  • 15 How to use the Learning Remote Function?

    The remote control of the SatKing DVBS2-800CA can take over the main controls of your TV remote control, no need for 2 remote controls any more.

    1. Depress SET key of the Satking remote control for 3 seconds to start learning process (you will notice the red light on the remote increases in intensity) the red light will stay solid whilst in learning mode.
    2. Aim the the TV remote control at the sensor on the end of the SatKing remote.
    3. Depress the key in the learning section of the Satking remote you want to pair ( eg Volume up) then press the button on your TV remote that you want pair (eg Volume up). The light will flash slowly as the Satking remote is receiving the remote signal from the TV remote and when learning is completed the red light will flash very fast and then go back to solid, this means the pairing is done. Move on to pair the next button (no need to press set again just keep on pairing).
    4. When you have paired all the buttons you want to pair simply press the SET button once and the learning mode will be turned off.
    5. If you want to pair a different remote simply repeat the process, there is no need to reset the remote just simply repeat the above steps.
  • 16 I have a TAB outlet and our other brand VAST box has been set up for Radio TAB but our existing VAST STB has a sound lag that gets further behind each day.
    The SatKing DVBS2-800CA has no such lag and updates constantly.
  • 17 What is the NEC Remote Control code if i want to use a universal remote control
    The NEC remote code is 01FD, note SatKing can't assist you in setting up your universal remote
  • 18 My Remote Control Doesn't work
    The remote control has a red light at the top of the remote control, this light flashes when you depress one of the buttons. Is the red light only flashes when you depress a button the remote is operating normally, if the light is flashing all the time this means one of the remote buttons is jammed in. If the light doesn't flash when a button is depressed this means the batteries are flat or are not installed correctly.
  • 19 Some of my channels have disappeared from my channel list
    If some channels are dropping off your channel list make sure you are running the latest software V126. To check this enter the Main Menu-Settings-Information-Loader Status and check the Firmware Version it should be V-126 if it is lower than this exit back to the information menu again and scroll down to “OTA Upgrade” and press “OK” to upgrade the software. This only takes 3 minutes and the software comes via the satellite so you don’t have to plug any memory sticks into the STB, easy.
  • 20 Some Channels say no signal but others work fine
    Not all the channels on VAST Satellite TV have the same signal level in different parts of Australia. Most likely if the channel you are trying to watch is on the channel list and the error message is no signal, you may need to fine tune your dish. If you have just set up your mobile dish it is most likely that you have not positioned it well enough. Increase your quality by 10% and try to watch the channel again.
  • 21 I have interference lines and a buzzing noise when using my VAST receiver on 12 Volts
    12 volts is generally not filtered and can be noisy, you can use the supplied 240pack if mains is available. Also try using a HDMI cable as this is a pure digital signal.
  • 22 My VAST Receiver Keeps Showing the Loading Bar
    If your VAST satellite receiver keeps re-loading on your screen you may have a problem with your coaxial cable. Disconnect the coaxial cable from the Sat In on your VAST receiver and re-test. If the unit stops trying to re-load you now know the problem is with your cabling.
  • 23 When using the PVR playback function E-50-32 No Service or similar messages appear
    Due to card security the STB needs to have a live signal connected to the STB to playback pre-recorded VAST recordings.
  • 24 Can I watch and record different channels when I have a HDD connected?

    The 800CA is a single tuner STB so it is only possible to record and watch another program on the same transponder (group of channels). To see what channels are on a TP just press the OK button and this pulls up a short list of channels and down the bottom of the list is the TP frequency. As you scroll up and down you can see what channels are on the which TP. Any channels that are on the same TP that you are recording you can watch.
    As example: If you are recording Imparja South on 12567MHz you can watch any other channel on 12567MHz like GO! South, this is the same for all single tuner VAST receivers.

  • 25 VAST Box keeps displaying E30-4 and I can’t watch TV.
    You need to hit the smart card, go to VAST Rehit , enter you card number and re-hit the VAST card. Your channels should come back within 10 seconds.
  • 26 Is there an online TV guide for VAST TV programs?
    Yes there is, go to they have a very detailed guide. To assist with the continued running of the great free service SatKing also sponsor this site.
  • 27 When in the EPG how do I select a channel to view?
    Simply highlight the program you wish to watch using the arrows keys and then press “OK” to view the program. Pressing the EPG key or the Exit/Back key will resume the last watched channel.
  • 28 I have error code E-118-4 displayed on my TV screen and I can’t watch TV.

    The card is not inserted correctly, partially pull the card out and then fully re-insert. The card is located behind the card door on the right hand side of the box.

  • 29 When I try to watch commercial channels is see the “E-16-4” error code on my screen?
    Your registration may have ended for these channels. Call the VAST call centre to fix this issue on 1300 993 376 9pm till 12pm or 2pm till 4.30pm QLD Time Mon-Fri.